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ITIC Services

Systems Engineering
Systems Modernization

Operations & Maintenance


Operations and Maintenance is a very important aspect of the engineering 

Life-cycle. We design and build systems as well as maintain them properly. Our company maintains with an engineering mindset; we close every security hole and project for growth. 

Systems               Engineering


Our experience with designing, building,

and creating custom solutions for maintaining and growing systems are unparalleled. We understand the enterprise architecture necessary for our Customers and create the custom designs they need.




Threats are no longer just air, land and sea-based. The Cyber front is all around us and needs to be protected. We understand this and implement solutions, whether it's continuous monitoring, or preventing exploits, to ensure our Customer's systems are protected.

Systems Modernization

We understand the future of computing and communications is not always a physical, bare-metal solution. We work with Customers to design and implement, virtualized, cloud and hybrid solutions. Whether it's AWS, VMware, Azure or Hyper-V, we'll get your systems modernized in this ever-changing world of computing

“This company has been fantastic to team with. They have a wealth of knowledge in the Cyber-arena and are a very distinct and go-to partner for everything IT"
- R, Cyber Engineer, B2 Solutions
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